Plush & Stuffed Barnyard and Farm Animals

Welcome to the barnyard, please watch where your step. You'll find hundreds of cute and lifelike plush and stuffed barnyard farm animals in this plush toy section including pigs, horses, ponies, cows, bulls, chickens, roosters, lambs, sheep, goats, etc. If you find it on the farm then you'll find it here. These cuddly plush farm animals are just waiting for a new home.

As you browse through the barnyard animals below you'll find fun plush toys, slippers, puppets, playsets, rocking toys and more.

Stuffed Animal Horses & Ponies

Horses and Ponies
Plush Horse, Pony, Donkey, etc.

Plush Cow and Bull toys, puppets, slippers, etc.

Cows & Bulls
Stuffed Cow, Bull, Calf, etc.

Plush & Stuffed Animal Pigs

Fun Pig Plush Toys

Plush Lambs, Sheep & Goats

Lambs & Sheep
Cuddly Lamb, Sheep, Goats, etc.

Plush Toy Chickens - Hens, Roosters & Baby Chicks

Stuffed Hens, Roosters, Chicks, etc.

Duck and Geese Plush Toys

Ducks & Geese
Plush Ducks, Goose, Ducklings, etc.

Featured Barnyard & Farm Animal Plush & Stuffed Toys

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 Rocking & Standing Toys