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Choose from one of the best selections of plush animal keychain and stuffed animal keychain you'll find anywhere. Features 25 animal plush keychains including a moose, bears, frog, pig, horse, wolf, turtle, tiger, alligator, shark, monkey, whale, dolphin, elephant, giraffe and more. These fun plush animal keychain are not only great for holding your keys but you can clip them on your favorite backpack or purse. These mini stuffed animal keychains are a great gift idea for animal lovers and for kids of all ages.

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All mini plush animal keychains shown below measure around 4 inches.

Moose Plush Keychain

You'll love this cute Moose plush keychain. He's super soft and just the right size to put in your pocket or a fun add on to a backpack.
Price: $5.99

Black Bear Plush Keychain

We can bearly contain our excitement about this adorable little black bear stuffed animal keychian. He make a wonderful gift idea for bear lovers.
Price: $5.99

Pig Plush Keychain

There's no doubt that this mini pink pig plush keychain will put a smile on your face.
Price: $5.99

Plush Horse Keychain

Kids of all ages will love this brown and white horse stuffed animal keychain. It's perfect for Horse lovers.
Price: $5.99

Killer Whale Plush Keychain

Dive to the deepest ocean with this black and white Orca Whale plush keychain. A nice stuffed animal keychain for all ages.
Price: $5.99

Sea Turtle Plush Keychain

This nicely colored green sea turtle stuffed animal keychain will be a big hit with Sea Turtle lovers.
Price: $5.99 

Tiger Plush Keychain

Complete with stripes this plush tiger keychain is affordably priced so that everyone can enjoy it.
Price: $5.99

Wolf Plush Keychain

You'll have a howling good time with this gray wolf stuffed animal keychain. A nice plush keychain for wolf and animal lovers.
Price: $5.99

Dolphin Plush Keychain

This plush dolphin keychain is bright blue and is ready to ready for a playful sea adventure.
Price: $5.99

Alligator Plush Keychain

Gator fans will love this cute green plush Alligator keychain. Perfect for anyone who fancies Gator school mascots.
Price: $5.99

Giraffe Plush Keychain

This colorful plush giraffe stuffed animal keychain features a spotted pattern just like a real giraffe.
Price: $5.99

Elephant Plush Keychain

We think this bluish gray plush elephant keychain is really cute and we're sure you will love it to.
Price: $5.99

Green Frog Plush Keychain

This brightly colored green and yellow plush frog keychain is a great gift idea for frog lovers.

Panda Bear Plush Keychain

Bear lovers of all ages will enjoy this cute black and white Panda Bear stuffed animal keychain.
Price: $5.99

Shark Plush Keychain

A great mini plush animal keychain is in the shape of a shark. A popular plush keychain with our visitors.
Price: $5.99

T Rex Dinosaur Push Keychain

Step back in time with this fun red T-Rex Dinosaur Plush Keychain. Boys will enjoy this keychain.
Price: $5.99

Monkey Plush Keychain

You'll go banana for this adorable plush monkey keychain.
Price: $5.99

Brown Buffalo Plush Keychain

Okay, this mini buffalo stuffed animal keychain is downright cute.
Price: $5.99

Cow Plush Keychain Cow

Cute black and white spotted cow keychain. with a pink accent color.
Price: $5.99

Donkey Plush Keychain

A plush Donkey keychain with funny long ears and a cute face.
Price: $5.99

Red Lobster Plush Keychain

No way you could lose your keys with this brightly colored red plush lobster key chain.
Price: $5.99

Clown Fish Plush Keychain

The orange and white Clown Fish is one of the most recognizable fish from the ocean. A fun plush Clown Fish keychain.
Price: $5.99

Blue Octopus Plush Keychain

This fun plush keychain is shaped like an Octopus and is perfect for ocean lovers.
Price: $5.99

Red Crab Plush Keychain

This isn't as tasty as a crab cake but this crab plush keychain sure is a lot of fun.
Price: $5.99

Lion Plush Keychain

A fun King of the Jungle plush Lion key chain.
Price: $5.99's Privacy Policy

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